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Palfinger for the New Queen of the Fleet

Last year saw the arrival of NZ's largest, newest fast ferry - featuring a Palfinger PK4501M knuckle boom crane ...

Last year saw the arrival of NZ's largest, newest fast ferry - proudly built by Wanganui-based shipyard Q-west and featuring a Palfinger PK4501M knuckle boom crane.

At 35m and able to carry 400 passengers Te Kotuku is not small by anyone’s standards, in fact the largest fast-ferry to be manufactured in New Zealand to date.

The latest edition to Fullers Auckland commuter fleet, Te Kotuku is engineered with the expectation of a 30 year career in the Hauraki Gulf, with features designed for its very specific work conditions.

The vessel’s Palfinger PK4501M knuckle boom crane takes pride-of-place on the foredeck. This sturdy compact crane has a 7.1m reach capable of lifting 520kgs at full stretch, or 1130kgs at 3.6m - which is more than adequate to handle the four weather-protected cargo boxes designed to be carried on the deck.

Te Kotuku sets a new standard of service, comfort and features for commuters and tourist passengers alike. USB ports & power-supply at tables and set-up for WiFi are just some of the perks of this new Queen of the Fullers’ fleet.

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