75,000th Cat Motor Scraper delivered to Twomey Construction

Pukekohe-based Twomey Construction, a long-time Cat customer, has taken ownership of the 75,000th Cat wheel tractor-scraper ever made by Caterpillar.

Twomey Construction Cat 627K Motor Scraper

The machine is a Cat 627K Motor Scraper and is one of two new K-Series units being used for the heavy duty earthworks associated with many of Twomey Construction’s projects in the greater Auckland and Waikato regions.

Sankar Kurumbail, Wheel Tractor Scraper Product Manager at the Caterpillar Decatur plant in the United States, said that with just about any major infrastructure project undertaken in the past 70 years, anywhere in the world, you can bet Cat scrapers played a role.

“When it comes to high-speed, high-volume earthmoving, it can be hard to find a more economical option. They’re some of the most durable products in our line, too. It’s not unusual to see a scraper from the 1970s still working hard today.”

 While older models continue to deliver reliable performance, the Cat scraper line has been updated over the years to help customers meet the changing requirements of earthmoving projects.  

“Today’s K Series models feature automated cycle functions, high-pressure steering, engine-overspeed protection, fuel economy mode, payload monitoring and other innovations that simplify operation, reduce maintenance and boost fuel efficiency,” he said.